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Choosing the right first Surf Board

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Surfing is more popular than ever and picking for your first board can be very confusing.

Lucky for you , I'm here to make it simple and easy!

Your first board should be easy to paddle and very stable! You must walk before you can run! For surfing paddling before you can ride! On the right board you should be able to slide across the ocean. A couple strokes should glide you at least 10 feet. If not your board is too small! Heres my professional set up for training new surfers.

These are the best boards to learn on , soft but rigid forgiving on your body and safer in case of a collision. Also these boards are responsive, fast and stable while riding waves!

Weight from 40-80 Pounds ride 6 to 8' CatchSurf Log

80-110 pounds ride 8-9' Catch surf Log

110 -210 Pounds ride 10' Catch surf or Stormblade

210 - 260 Pounds ride 11' -12' Surf Tech Softop or NSP Soft school Long

260 + Pounds ride 12' Surf Tech Softop

Most beginners choose a board that is too small! Which makes it nearly impossible to paddle efficiently and catch waves!

You got the right board ? You also need to find the right break! Also at the right time! Post coming soon!

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