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Weekly Beginner surf report North Shore , Hawaii

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Aloha! Dom here with your surf North Shore forecast for the first week of January 20/21

Waves are huge and dangerous at most surf spots! Best bet for beginner surfers is to enjoy the show ! Head to Pipeline , Sunset or Waimea bay and watch the pros do what they do!

Surf Lessons are still on at Puaena point with an expert surf coach the inside is still 1-3 feet.

"A new and large NW swell tops out today, with many of the normal, better exposed spots a bit overwhelmed and maxed out. Standout exposed breaks will easily see double to triple overhead+ surf, while big-wave spot produce sets running 20-25 feet+ on the face, occasionally bigger at select reefs. By Friday morning, surf will be down some from today but still quite solid, then fading further through the day and into the weekend."


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Vicent M
Vicent M
06 de jun. de 2021

So beautiful your zone to practique surf.. in my town the first watersport is Kiteboarding... i was member of this school where we enjoy kite all summers, we have a great winds but never 've your wawes... XDDD thx a lot for share your experiences.

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